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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ferrari most expensive car ever

Ferrari is known as one of the luxury sports car manufacturers launched the latest edition of their diligent. List price is always released this luxury car manufacturers also do not bear responsibility always drain the wallet of the collector. The design is very luxurious, accompanied by acceleration capable machine is a better value which always favored Ferrari to hook the interest of the market. There is the term Ferrarimost expensive car ever deserved to be attached to the luxury car brand this one because of the year-on-year sales value of output of cars Ferrari has always proven to be a record breaker in the world's most expensive car.

For those collectors Ferrari certainly familiar with the classic series 250 GTO which is still holds the record for the world's most expensive car Ferrari. Besides just produced a total of 36 units, the supercar is famous in his day as a 12-cylinder engine and timeless design at feeding time. Ferrari 250 GTO is now priced at USD 52 million rumored to be a billionaire now belongs to Spain. There is another kind of cool car Ferrari that could boost the value of the most expensive car sales. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa cars could be the belle of every person because of the advantage of handling and speed is also famous in the 1950-1960s era. Made only some 20 units, this car is also famous for its black color which is carried. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa reportedly currently worth USD 16 million.

The next Ferrari scored as expensive luxury car is a Ferrari 625 TRC Spider made in 1957. Comes with roadster models, cars with this sexy design successfully won the prestigious racing event in 1957 until 1958. For the price, the car only made two units this course is currently worth $ 6.5 million. Some cars above would only be owned by collectors such high profile conglomerates who do not hesitate reluctant to pour money for a Ferrari sports car he wanted.

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