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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ferrari most expensive car sold

Who is not familiar with the brand Ferrari? When we talk about the Ferrari car is imagined in our mind is kind of a luxury sports car that always has a classic design in each edition release. No wonder if the fans do not want to miss Ferrari always information on the recent launch of this luxury car. Talking about the Ferrari most expensivecar sold then this record is held by a series of classic Ferrari 250 GTO. With a sales price of 35 million US dollars. Car output in 1962 proved to be a record holder of the most expensive car in the world beating car brand new car which incidentally is still fresh.
Ferrari sales in the international market are still very high. 500 thousand dollar price tag of up to one million dollars is the lowest price of luxury sports cars made in Italy this. Ferrari are very exclusive design is a comfort and prestige coveted Ferrari car enthusiasts. To get one's edition luxury car you have to really break the bank because of the price range offered is always high despite rising for a used car though. Sales of the more classic Ferrari cars were more favored by the collector of luxury cars up so high the price is skyrocketing.

For you fans of Ferrari sports car, the luxurious look of the series 250 GTO as the record holder for the world's most expensive car sales is an expectation that was amazing. The more classic car is the more valuable. The design is very elegant and also the quality of sport that is so powerful engine delivering Ferrari as one of the luxury sports car manufacturer that has always hunted by collectors. Sales of classic cars series 250 GTO have always proven record sales of expensive cars every year. Ferrari worth heartened because it turns a classic car output in 1962 is still rewarded with a fantastic value.

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