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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Most expensive car auction Ferrari

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. Today, Ferrari is based in Marcello, Italy. At first the car manufacturer is only acting on sports and racing car industry, but now we know Ferrari as one of the luxury car manufacturers are very elegant. Ferrari's success in launching the car is not just for the latest types of cars but also Ferrari has mastered all of the sales of luxury cars. In fact this car has become most expensive car auctionFerrari. Of some cars being auctioned are highly visible domination by many Ferrari cars are in demand.
In the process of auction types Ferrari 250 LM sold at a price of US $ 11.55 million. This car is considered very rare because it is the 19th car of the 32 cars produced. Ferrari 250 LM is the last to win the prestigious racing competitions 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965. The slick design owned Ferrari type is considered to be an attraction that makes it much in demand by visitors at auction. Ferrari engine is proven resilient to Ferrari produced the 60s though still considered to have a very reliable machine. Ferrari also successfully auctioned 250 GT SWB California Spider, which is one of the most famous models selling for US $ 15.18 million.

Several types of classic cars Ferrari still control the exchange auction of luxury cars in the world. The competitors have not been able to defeat even the allure of Ferrari in this regard. Appearance and design are fairly classic judged to be an advantage that no other luxury cars. Besides the advantage of acceleration becomes booster Ferrari prices up from year to year classic car enthusiasts Ferrari actually increasing. Many collectors are still queuing luxury car luxury car ownership but unfortunately car Ferrari output is always produced for a limited number because then the sale value of the car is always high.

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