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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Most expensive Ferrari 2014

 Design and appearance of the Ferrari cars have always attracted the attention of many people. In 2014 yesterday many types of luxury cars are launched every car manufacturer but Ferrari still dominate the top positions at the level of this luxurious car sales with sales of pretty fantastic. This is also evidenced by the results of auctions held and ten luxury cars sold Nine of them are kind of car Ferrari. Mostexpensive Ferrari 2014 250 GTO held in 1962, the car was sold at auction early 2014 Monterey Bonham was successfully sold USD38, 11 million. Broke the world record as the world's most expensive car auction.

Nowadays every fan of Ferrari is always looking for the emergence of new products is more elegant and innovative. The presence of many products Ferrari sold in 2014 and the main attraction for the luxury car category is always captivate sports fans. Dynamic engine acceleration plus the always attractive design makes the Ferrari sales level is always above the other. This is also evidenced by the model of Ferrari 375 Competition Spider-Plus 1954 sold USD18, 4 million at auction. Classic cars Ferrari judged more able to compete with other luxury cars.

Limited edition launched Ferrari also boost sales of higher value. Many people are interested in sports cars sold very limited so it is very attractive to the collector to be able to have one of them with any value because it is a prestige. Ferrari parties claimed that the company has a myriad of ideas that will appear on every new product launch and this would be the most anticipated by any fans. When you collect the Ferrari luxury car then this becomes its own investments because the higher resale value as the model is more classic. It has been proven by the level of classic Ferrari car sales increasing from year to year.6. Most expensive production Ferrari

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